UNIS staff displays creative side in art exhibition

A painting created by Mathematics teacher Neil Fairbairn on display at the UNIS Staff Art Exhibition.

On Wednesday, 26th of August, the UNIS Staff Art Show opening was the first of its kind and surprised both students and teachers alike. With a resounding bang of the gong, Head of School Dr. Barder kicked off the opening night and introduced the event. Videos, paintings, sculptures and photographic displays showed many teachers’ artistic side.

The Staff Art Show exhibits art created by Humanities, Music, Design Technology, Math and many more teachers and faculty. 7th graders Daniella Miller and Tra Mi Nielson said, “There is some really creative art on display. Mr. Hough’s work was unexpected.”

The exhibition inspired students and fellow faculty to seek their own inner artist and hopefully many more wonderful artworks will be on display in the years to come. When asked, English teacher Ms. Penrose said, “There is a lot of photography on display, and a lot more creativity among the faculty than expected.”

A young student examines photographs on display. Photo by Elizabeth Armstrong.

The creators of the pieces on display were also present and Mathematics teacher Mr. Fairbairn said, “Most of the joy came from making it. It turned out well for my first attempt at art.”

Of course, many people were involved in making the art and having it displayed in the Center for the Arts. The original idea for a UNIS staff art exhibit came from Art teacher Mr. Natoli, who put out a call for submissions in June.

Some of the teachers who created pieces for the exhibition include: Art teacher Ms. Wise (paintings), Spanish teacher Ms. Lopez (multimedia postcard display), Humanities teacher Ms. Giroux (photography), Music teacher Ms. Druitt (video), Music teacher Mr. McGibbon (graphic design) and Humanities teacher Mr. Garland (sound and video art installation).

Science teacher Mrs. Bechard said, “A lot of talented people got it all together.” So head over to the art center and see what your teachers have created.


UNIS Director of Operations Mr. Porter views the staff art on display at the exhibition. Photo by Elizabeth Armstrong.