Why Spring in Hanoi is Inevitable

Throughout the Spring season, I gaze upon the vast greenery of UNIS, the sun shining down on my face while I greet smiling people, eager to start my day. I glance into the glass windows of the rooms and I see a frowning, miserable person. Soulless, like life has been sucked out of them and pathetically slumped  over on a desk, not unlike the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Why are they so sad on this beautiful day? How can I make it better?

1. You may have just had mock exams, or are currently slaving through the inevitable rush of assessment week as the quarter ends… But the one thing that always seems to turn my frown upside down, is the weather! It is so uplifting and beautiful! The clear blue skies remind me of the hope of a new day dawning, a breath of fresh air.

2. The weather is just so sunny and warm, you just can’t help but want to dress for the tropical season. I don’t know how people wear sweaters or jeans or sweatshirts… It’s so stereotypical that they keep wearing ugly, thick winter clothes. It’s rude to deny the sun’s presence by not dressing like you’re impressed by her!


3. Most of the UNIS Hanoi community lives around a lake.. or have seen a water body before in their lifetime. Many people overlook Tay Ho lake in the distance, simply thinking that it adds character to this city. But there is a whole ecosystem there, little fish can be seen floating on the water, probably just looking for food or some fresh air!


4. Every time I see smiling faces, it reminds me why I love waking up at 7am every single day to come and work and interact with the same people everyday! I think that seeing such a positive open space and learning environment makes my day!

Photo taken by Thi Nguyen

This article is a satirical piece to commemorate April Fools’ Day. Please do not treat the content of this article with seriousness.