Donald Trump at UNIS Hanoi

With the 2016 presidential elections drawing close, set to take place in November, presidential candidate Donald Trump has made a surprise visit to Hanoi, the first destination in his international tour in Asia. The surprise does not end there, however – Mr. Trump himself has come to our UNIS Hanoi campus in an unexpected visit!

Though unwarranted, Mr. Trump’s visit was warmly welcomed, especially by the student body. He gave a speech this morning to the middle school students, on the topic of the United Nations and his opinion on the international organization. In his speech, he highlighted the importance of the United Nations Peacekeepers which, in his view, is a “great and powerful army which can help keep the threat of terrorism at bay”, and is “only a little less useful than a twenty-feet wall.” He also voiced his opinions on the UN Security Council, which, according to him, is an “important place for the best countries to solve the world’s greatest problems”. He also added that the countries of the world must come together to defeat the threat of terrorism collectively, and “that starts with you children.” Besides his opinions of the UN and the current world situation, Mr. Trump also Concluding the speech, he told an inspiring story of success, his own story, to the students: the story of how he rose to fame, and how his name became a golden standard of quality – despite the numerous number of bankruptcies his corporations has filed over the span of his career.

Other than the awe-inspiring speech Mr. Trump gave, the presidential candidate also toured the UNIS campus, and attended elementary school classes. He claimed that “kids of different races learning together like this is truly like the American spirit” – and he even shook hands with some American students, despite their grudging expressions. He even visited the cafeteria, where he commended J&J Food Services for the “cheap prices & great variety”. For the interested, Donald Trump ate a BLT sandwich at the cafeteria.

While the visit was quite the surprise for staff and students alike, it was not an unwelcome surprise. Mr. Trump’s visit has left quite a few memorable moments, and definitely inspired the students with his fame and success. Here at the Flame, we hope Mr. Trump succeed in his campaign, and lead the United States with the same success he is known for in the corporate world.

This article is a satirical piece to commemorate April Fools’ Day. Please do not treat the content of this article with seriousness.