Where Your Loyalties Lie

Even if your friends are not truly your friends you still spend every moment outside of your home with them whether it be in school, during lunch, or even if they’re in your house. On the platform of social media, there are many quotes that seem quite relatable, yet one I found quite daunting:


My face scrunched when I saw this. Honestly, I don’t really like to think of myself as half of the people I know in my life, or that I would be as good as the worst person I surround myself with. As I thought these things to myself, I felt selfish and guilty. Guilty because I speak so negatively of the people around me as if they aren’t amazeballs – when they are. But do I really want to be as good as them? At the same moment, I felt selfish as I thought of myself so highly and told myself, I don’t need to be brave about anything, because the people I’m around are already “above” everyone. Then I ran to the notion, maybe they are not…

Many people think highly of themselves, in whatever they do or whatever they think they’re good at. I used to think I was an amazing visual artist, I know my talents are choir and drama, but people change. This high ideal we all hold for ourselves can be found in everyone. You don’t necessarily have to be cocky or arrogant, or your biggest mentor, but surely there is something you think you’re pretty good at.

As people who are constantly evolving and expanding our interests or deepening them, I think that we end up letting go of things or habits, so why not people? I don’t know about you, but I like to gather as many good friends and relationships as I can because people seem so interesting to me, but does having a large number of “okay” friends truly matter more than having good quality relationships with five solid people? I think people are so consumed with the masses –  like who seems the most appealing or how many people have heard of that person – that they don’t ask: “Why don’t I know this person in my science class, or does she really sit there alone?” I think many are searching for the one friend they don’t have, instead of nurturing and developing the ones that have lasted till now.

So think about where your loyalty lies, would you stick around with the annoying friend who you go to for food and money and always seems to be there in need for a good rant, or is the one who has ten people at the table only willing to give their attention for five minutes and always reply with a monotone, “Yeah.”

Which one leaves you feeling like you mattered and they listened? Which one leaves you trying harder to get attention you can barely achieve? Like in the words of  Great Queen Bey’s song (words that I live by)  – “I don’t need a hundred girls, cause my girl keep it one hundred” (Partition Remix featuring Jay Z). So don’t find the hundred friends, find the few that keep it one hundred just for you…