UNIS Welcomes New Teachers to Faculty

As many teachers left UNIS Hanoi last year, this year staff and students welcomed new teachers from all around the world. The Flame interviewed a few new middle and high school teachers in order to introduce them to our readers. While the teachers profiled below do not represent the entire new faculty, they will give you a sense of what the new teaching group will bring to UNIS Hanoi this year.

Ms. Susan Cizek is the new MS EAL teacher who is originally from United States. She has lived in Ethiopia for 3 years teaching in Addis Ababa. She went through lots of different experiences in both Vietnam and UNIS, such as the hot and humid weather and access to lots of different things which she could not access in Ethiopia. At UNIS, she is hoping to learn more about community service as well as getting to know all the students and families better.

Ms. Sibylle Harth is the new MYP Coordinator. She is originally from Germany and has previously been the MYP Coordinator and Technology teacher at Skagerak International School in Norway. While Norway is a very beautiful yet quiet country, Vietnam has a very special, stimulating kind of beauty and she looks forward to learning new things in Vietnam. “It’s an opportunity to learn new cultures,” she said. At UNIS, she looks forward to get to know the school and the students.

Mr. Maurice Humphries is one of the new MS/HS Maths teacher. He is originally from England but he has been teaching in Singapore for last 8 years. To him, Vietnam and Singapore are very different, especially the traffic. UNIS is very nice, but also has a bit of a learning curve because of the technology used at UNIS. He looks forward to being a part of UNIS Hanoi.

Ms. Nicole Miranda is the new MS Science teacher. Originally from Germany, she has been teaching in Oklahoma for past 16 years. She enjoys UNIS and the multi-cultural aspects of UNIS Hanoi, such as different cultures of students. She wants to make new friends in UNIS as well as being a part of new community and looks forward to having new experiences at UNIS Hanoi.

Mr. Carlo Palusci teaches MS EAL and is originally from Italy but lived in New York for most of his life. Before coming to UNIS, he taught at the State University of New York,  Hunter College, The International School of Florence in Italy, Marymount International School in Rome, Istanbul International Community School in Turkey, Zurich International School and lastly at International School of Geneva. He is very excited and proud of UNIS, especially the kindness and how welcome the new-comers were made to feel. He would like to explore more about Vietnam too. He is looking forward to integrate into dynamic academic environment in UNIS.

Ms. Alexis Ramsey is new to the MSHS. However, she is not new to UNIS as she taught Pre-K Music last year. Now, she is teaching both MSHS Maths and Pre-K Music. She is originally from the United States, and surprisingly she is Mr. Garland’s wife. One big change she mentioned in MSHS was the technology, especially the use of OneNote. She strongly stated that she wants Math to be the favorite subject of all students. She hopes the students realize how powerful math can be. “Math is power,” she said.

Ms. Rebecca Bunnett teaches MSHS Humanities as well as DP Psychology at UNIS. She is originally from Melbourne, Australia. Before coming to UNIS Hanoi, she taught students in government and at a private school in Melbourne. With regards to being in Vietnam and UNIS, she commented UNIS is a very positive and exciting place to be, and it’s great to work in an international schools once again. Teaching Humanities and Psychology, she looks forward to learn diversity of cultures in UNIS as well as exploring Vietnam with her students.

Ms. Lindsay Rielly teaches MSHS Science and DP Biology. She is originally from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She taught at International School of Bangkok in Thailand and Canadian International School of Egypt. She loves the food, culture and landscape of Hanoi. She commented on how great UNIS is, especially the students, staff and strong community at the school. She is really looking forward to coaching in UNIS.

Ms. Gergana  Schneider teaches MSHS Spanish and is originally from Bulgaria. She has lived in Spain and England. She taught at International school in London for last 10 years. She described the UNIS students as polite, keen, independent, and open minded. She likes food and culture of Vietnam very much. At UNIS, she wants to contribute to the growth of students and inspire students in Spanish.