Talent Show Preview


Finally, the annual UNIS Talent show is just a day ahead! Just as it was every year, many participants are standing in line preparing to show off their talents in front of the crowd.

The event takes place on the 18th of April, with 19 enthusiastic participants ready to release their  academic stress that we received from the past 3/4 of our school year. There were 22 people who appeared on the signups day, but somehow three have vanished. However, the loss of three men won’t be able to prevent the UNIS community from entering the wave of heat and entertainment.

Among the 19 performances, the majority of them will be singing, but the category varies into different subcategories such as solos, duets, acoustic guitar, acoustic piano and even an entire band which won’t make the audience bored for a moment. Furthermore, besides singing, there will also be four dance performances, and one humorous monologue. When it comes to dance, of course the famous Pixelated dance crew will be performing. Furthermore, some other Talent Show veterans such as Louisa and Vu, Quynh Anh Do (11th grade), Khanh An Vu are performing as well.

Once again, this event takes place on the 18th of April, and the school has to be prepared to greet the annual entertainment with every bit of its enthusiasm .