Grade 10 Students Compete in Bridge Project

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Flame Bridge 2

A very interesting event of building a bridge model took place at UNIS Hanoi in October.

The 10th grade students were told to construct a miniature model of a suspension bridge. The were distributed in groups of 4 – 5 and were provided with all the necessary materials to make a bridge model. Two groups were selected as the final winners

Flame Bridge 5

It was amazing to see different kinds of ideas which the students displayed. The diversity of ideas was incredible! The most pleasing feature was to see the effort and time which the students devoted to this project. It seems that they used up their lunch times, academic prep time and many of them even worked after school. So, hats off to them! And it is rightly said that fruits of hard work are always sweet.

The two criteria for bridges were best design and strongest model. The winners for each category were:

Winning teams:

Flame Bridge 4












      The group who won the strongest bridge were given a once in a life time opportunity of treating their math teachers as slaves!  The group who won the ‘strength’ contest could treat Mrs. Trebesch as a bellboy! They could tell their teacher to carry their stuff to the locker, and even tell her to wait in line for their lunch.  The group who won the ‘design’ contest had the freedom of dressing up Mr. and Mrs. Trebesch as they wished.

Flame Bridge 3

         The winners of the design contest were Anne, Nina, Sussan and Long. I must say that they totally deserved it.The group who won the strength contest consisted of: Angela, Celina, Vince and Hieu.

          Congratulations to all other groups who participated with enthusiasm and interest and gave a tough competition to the winners. Once results were declared, the students obviously took full advantage of the promised prizes. They dressed Mr. and Mrs. Trebesch with eye liners, lipstick, hair clips etc. Both teachers did not have an option of removing the make-up and had to roam around like that for the whole day.

 Flame Bridge 1






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