HS Day: Was it Fun?



“Lilac, Lavender, and Violet? Wouldn’t that be exactly the same?” Trung Tran, Grade 11, said so when he scrolled down the list of teams for High School Day.  The same can be almost said about Sky Blue, Navy Blue and Aqua, or Green, Emerald and Lime. Though our senators may be very fashionable and own a shirt of each color, HS general population really doesn’t have that much variety. Colors aside, we can also talk about the fact that it wasn’t really a HS Day, more like a HS Third-of-a-Day and students only get to miss one class. Nevertheless, HS Day this year brought the same fun that always seems to bring high schol students closer together.

Applause should be given to our Senators as they laboriously planned and prepared this day for all of the high school. The Senate had also brought new ideas to the table, giving hungry adolescents snacks midway through the games. Summing it up, Senate Communications Officer Duong Nguyen, Grade 11, commented “It was good”, and also said that HS Day has been a success. Feedback from students also indicate the same, with Henryk Le Hai, Grade 9, commented “I thought it was very enjoyable as I got to bond with people that I usually don’t bond with.” He also commented on the snacks, “I liked how the Senate prepared food during the break”.

At least, the Senate should be proud of the amount of Facebook profiles that have been changed to photos in Grade 11 student Hung Nguyen’s collection  taken on HS Day.