Movie Review – Ajin: The Demi-Human


Are you a fan of action movies? Are you a fan of sci-fi movies? Most importantly, are you a fan of anime? If you replied yes, then Ajin: The Demi-Human is for you. In case you are a fan of action and sci-fi, and do not know what Ajin is, here is a simple explanation: Ajin is manga and anime made in Japan, and it has been recreated into a live-action movie this year. Let’s start with a basic plot.

The story is set in a not-so-far-away future, and the demi-humans are a new type of human known as Ajin. What’s so special about Ajin is that they can’t die because they are able to regenerate. The main character Kei Nagai (Takeru Satoh) finds out he is Ajin after getting into a traffic accident. Being a demi-human,  he is kidnapped by the government. It turns out that the Japanese government had been kidnapping and performing experiments on Ajin with new weapons and chemicals. Later, he is rescued by other Ajin named Sato (Go Ayano), and who asks Nagai to join him to murder all the humans in Japan as revenge. Will Nagai join Sato? Or will he take a different path?

Ajin: The Demi-Human is a great movie overall. Good plot? Check. Good actor? Check. Cool CGI? Check. And lastly, awesome action? Absolutely. I had major questions about Ajin live action at first: How are they going to end the movie based on a manga that has not ended? Knowing that most live action anime ends up being bad, I couldn’t stop worrying about it. It was far better than I expected. The action sequences in Ajin: The Demi-Human are one of the best elements of the film.  The movie’s fast-paced action combined with IBM CGI creates a wonderful combination and provides fascinating action sequences throughout the entire movie. Another strong point of this movie is its story, although,  this wouldn’t be a surprise to some people because manga itself is also famous for good storylines. Now to negative points: first is the ending, I’ll not tell the ending for sake of people who might watch this movie, but it rushes at the very last minute.  The second major disappointment is character development. Most of its time is devoted to the action scenes, which leaves only a small amount of time for character development.  Why is Satou trying to kill all of the humans even when they don’t cause any harm? The lack of character development creates several holes in the plot and is more visible especially when it is compared to the manga.

Ajin The Demi-Human, is amazing as an action film, but it does contain some negative aspects. Overall, I loved the action scenes in the movie, and portrayal of Ajin as an isolated group in the world. If more time was spent on character development and plot, the film could have improved a lot. Would I recommend this film to you? Yes, most definitely; the film is a mix of thrilling fantasy and mystery and is a must-watch!