Senior Year: Make it Yours

Last week, a handful of our current seniors were interviewed, asking them to describe their final year in the IB in just two words.


“Wait what?”

“No I can’t.”

“Hard work.”


“More sleep.”

“Is it appropriate to answer this?”


“A rollercoaster.”

Disregarding the inability of some of our seniors to count to two, there seemed to be a consensus on the one mood: Tired. It is no secret to anyone that dare utters the words, “IB Diploma Programme,” much less be enrolled in it, that work, stress and exhaustion is constant. Alas, it is no surprise that our diligent seniors who have experienced this programme for a year have become the masters of adaptation: changing their lifestyles, habits and ways of learning to the rigorous schedule that is our everyday life.

As a part of this wonderfully tired senior group myself, I think many can agree that we live our lives through a very future-centric perspective. Constantly having to anticipate the next deadline, whether it be a test or an assessment due date. And, for the daring, how much one can slack off and have free time before needing to be indulged in the whole process again. Being a senior is everything everyone told you it was going to be, yet it isn’t. As you start to adapt, it becomes more personal, more unique to whatever your future may look like and what you make of it. Over the course of my student life, I have learnt that what your high school education, or any education at all, can come to, is all dependent on you.

Photograph by Emeline Do

If you are a person who believes achieving the best grades possible is the only way to go and will accept nothing less, hold your head high and be proud of your mindset. You might be surprised; there actually aren’t many people like you and your hard work will take you to the above and beyond that you desire. Just remember to not only get buried in books but also to make memories with your peers; remember, you only have one high school life to spend.

On the other hand, if you are a person who enjoys your extra-curriculars more than the intensity of the IB, don’t lose that attitude of striving to be the best. Make sure you keep your own standards high, and remember that time management and discipline is what you need when it comes to focused work time, in class or outside. It will benefit you every time.

And finally my peers who don’t really know what to expect, what they exactly want to do or where they want to be, all there is to say is: Give it time. Don’t worry. Being directionless can also mean that you can go down any path you want. But work as if there is a goal, keeping those doors open that lead to future opportunities outside of high school.

And lastly, to give my personal input on what a senior is or what it means to be a senior, I think that it is vital not to see it as “just another year”, but as something that could impact you greatly in the future. At the same time, it is definitely not the final dice roll that life has bestowed upon you. And whether that sounds liberating, frightening or exciting, one thing to remember that the day is coming, whether you expect it or not. So just give it all you’ve got. Because whether this becomes “just another year” or a moment in life you won’t ever forget is all up to you.