Chapter 3: Canteen

Chapter 3: Canteen


Continue with the series, today, canteen will be the next target. This topic is the most controversial part I have ever since. Students talk about the canteen a lot in any feedback conversation to help us improve the canteen. However, as a student, I still have to talk about it. I will try to write in the most perspective way I possibly can.


Why is the lunch 80k? Why a small cinnamon roll can be 20k? This kind of questions is asked every day. Last week, in the article “Why my lunch is 80k,” Long Than has pointed out the answers. The foods that the canteen actually makes require many criteria with high standard quality. However, that is not the problem that I am talking about. I am talking about all the food that they bought from the outside. As the Vietnamese student, I think that I understand the market than most other students in the school. And I can tell that some of the package food in here is two times more than the outside. For example, the green tea is 15k inside the canteen. Once I got into a supermarket, the price for the same kind is 6.5k. It is the same for the soymilk in the vending machine: 6.5k in every store outside, and 15k inside school. This calculation can be applied in many other products that we can see in the Viet market, such as black tea, Revive, O Long tea. I am not talking about the imported product like chocolate, because that is not the field that I know about.

Covered many types of food

Although I totally disagree with the expensive price of the food, I cannot deny that the range of food is big. They provided from hot food to fast food, from spaghetti to chocolate bar. We thought that the school only provides healthy food like bread, tea, but we did not know that they brought chocolate or candy into our school. The vending machine has all kind of snack that we needs. They are not usually suggested by the teacher for us to eat them, but the school still provides, because those are what we need after a sport period. We should highly appreciate their effort to make the school more convenient. At lunch we have Asian menu, Western menu, and No-meat menu. If we do not like it, we still have sandwich or hot dog to choose. That is really convenient for any student. If we still do not like the fast food, we can bring our own, because our school has some microwaves. The microwaves are super helpful to me and other students who bring our food from home almost every day.

Good atmosphere

The color of the light in the canteen has been done very carefully. It was light orange, not white. It makes the canteen looks warmer and more delicious. The light of the canteen and the light of each stall match with each other, which makes the food even more lightened up. The orange color is usually used when we need rest and relaxed, so it is totally suitable with the purpose of lunch: eat and rest. The place for students is not only inside the canteen, but also around the school. It is more comfortable for people who requires quite atmosphere, or who do not like the air conditionals. Therefore, I think that atmosphere of the canteen is absolutely convenient for all kinds of students.

Those are what I have concluded after three forth of the year in the canteen. Some people may ask me why I do not talk about the quality of the food. The answer is I do not know. I do not eat food in here, so I cannot tell. If people are not satisfied with the food, they can bring their own to school. Many of the teachers as well as students have done it. To conclude, beside from the expensiveness of the food, I really like the canteen of our school, but the price is the main problem for me, so I do not buy food in here much.