Spring Fair Recap

This past Saturday, UNIS once again hosted its annual Spring Fair. There were many different stands on display, from UNIS CAS groups raising money for their respective organization to food stands showcasing a selection from all around the world. Those preparing booths at the fair had to begin setup for their stands as early 8:00 AM, attributing to the success of the always entertaining spring fair event. The work of the CAS groups at the Spring Fair was quite impressive. Just recently, the UNIS 11th graders took over the leadership positions this year’s graduating class had started midway through their 11th grade year. Most of the new leaders were responsible for planning what their booths would have to do, along with their other CAS members, to raise money and awareness for their respective CAS organizations at the spring fair.

There were many attractions and activities for those at the spring fair to take part in like“In da hoop” by the Peace Village and the delicious fruit smoothies from a pedal powered blender by the guys at the Community Turbine. Being at the spring fair myself, I could tell that those responsible for each and every stand put a lot of time and effort into making them worthwhile. Apart from the stands, the Karaoke event throughout the day was quite entertaining. Some even made their own interesting renditions to many hit songs that we all know and love. Next to the karaoke event, was a bouncing castle for all the youngsters at the Spring fair to enjoy.

All in all, the spring fair this year was great. The flame want to thank everyone who contributed to an awesome day