HS Day is it just a field day?

It has been about a month since High School Day brought huge excitement to the campus. Five activities were prepared and the high school students did a great job in expressing their excitement. High School Day is a very entertaining annual event that takes place in the beginning of the school year. It is very fun, but will it always simply be a normal field day?

This event was planned and organized by the High School Senate. They weren’t sure when this tradition started, but they guessed that it started a few years ago when UNIS moved into their new campus. They explained that the key purpose of High School Day was to help form social communities and friendship groups among students who do not know each other. They went on to say that, in their opinion, High School Day was successful in accomplishing its goal. Even though it wasn’t perfect, due to being a somewhat crazy day, it really gave people an opportunity to connect with others. They stated that even though the contents change every year due to the improvements, the purpose will remain relatively the same and there will always be surprises to be expected.

The preparation of this year’s High School Day started at the end of last year, but most of the important work was done at the beginning of this year. Since the Senate was newly reformed, they didn’t have enough time and manpower to work effectively. However, they had a really enthusiastic new group of senators who went right in to work and helped planning the successful High School Day of 2013. This year, they focused a lot on making each event original so that people could have fun throughout the entire event, and not only in certain stations like slip-and-slide.

For next year’s High School Day, the Senate is looking forward to having more time to plan the event. They are also hoping to sort the teams in a way that everyone is meeting new people.  We wish that next year will be more successful and we have to thank the Senate for their hard work to make the event possible.