#HANOI Photo Competition



High school students from UNIS have formed a non-profit social entrepreneurship group which aims to help the less fortunate people of Vietnam. Our social enterprise is currently holding a photo competition for the Hanoi community and will sell creative and memorable snapshots of the Hanoian life to fund different projects. The CAS microfinance group is collaborating with


1- Fair Life project

A UNIS group working to promote and sell fair trade bamboo goods made by Vietnamese farmers


​2- Thuy An Village

An orphanage located near Hanoi. It is in need for basic necessities for disabled children and adults that have been rejected by their parents and society


3-Bloom Microventures

A non-profit business that gives loans to struggling farmers in Vietnam, that help them grow more product and earn more money from argiculture.


4-Intercontinental Hotel

The main collaborator  with Microfinance for supply of memorable souvenirs for VIP guests


Apart from selling photography products (calendars, photo books, postcards) we are also working to organize an exhibition event where the best Hanoi photographs will be displayed. The profits made from that exhibition will be used to fund the projects mentioned above. Chiun Kai-Shih (photographer for Vogue) and Nick Ross (chief editor of Word Magazine) are the guest judges involved in this project, who will select top photographs that will be displayed in the exhibition.


The competition has officially begun and it will close on February 20th. It is opened for the youth of Hanoi and applicant ages may vary from 12-27 years old. Soon the group will spread official information posters around local schools and stores, so watch out for their iconic red symbol of Hanoi.


For more information visit here