The Flame

About The Flame

  • The Flame is the leading international student newspaper at UNIS.  The Flame offers students an additional pathway for being involved in Community and Service (CAS) and Service Learning at UNIS. The students have a unique opportunity to  work with local communities and to work with communities on a global scale.  This newspaper provides a platform for UNIS students to report on action in the school community and to support a sustainable model of community awareness on a range of issues.  In addition this journalistic opportunity enables the wider communities to engage with the school.The Flame’s aims encourages students to:
    • inform the community about school events, personalities, activities, current events and trends.
    • be a communications link between students, their school and community.
    • serve as an open forum for the exchange of ideas on topics of interest to teens.
    • increase the student staff’s ability and desire to participate in our interdependent global community.
    • provide a vigorous, independent journalistic voice that models integrity and creativity as it seeks the truth.
    • explore recent events and become a reliable yet interesting way for students to relax and learn.
    • provide thoughtful discussion and relevant opinion and responses to events
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About The Flame